Foods That Help Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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Foods that help fight tooth decay and keep your teeth white are discussed in this article.

Which foods keep your teeth healthy?
Everyone knows there are some foods that are not good for the teeth. Consuming food that contains high amounts of carbohydrates or sugar can produce unpleasant critters called bacteria, which like to eat on the bits we leave behind; while eating they generate an acid that leads to tooth decay. So after saying this, are you aware that there are foods that can really help battle this bacteria? Yes, certain foods can prevent these nasty animals from generating acids. Once you prevent the bacteria from producing acid, you can have a pretty smile and a healthy mouth.

Bacteria in the mouth can be battled using celery. Besides celery’s most noticeable advantage, which is that it is beneficial for you, celery also makes you chew more and produce extra saliva. When you create saliva, you kill the bad bacteria found in the mouth. Celery doesn’t have a good taste, but you could think about eating it as snack instead of potato chips, which is the most known plaque creator that bacteria hunger for. The extra water that celery contains also is a method of cleaning your teeth when you eat; it is a way of brushing naturally.

Additional onions and Shiitake mushrooms are ways to eliminate bacteria. As you eat a raw onion, the substances contained in onions do their best to destroy those irritating teeth eaters. You might have to put up with smelly breath, but the advantages of your teeth being healthy are worth the trouble and you can chew gum after this. Shiitake Mushrooms perform a similar function. They might not destroy the bacteria, but they prevent it from creating plaque which will sooner or later, if you don’t take care of your teeth, turn into cavities which hurt a lot.

The most tasty choice would be cheese, a food that also contains some elements that will help your teeth. Cheese makes the mouth produce more saliva, which can destroy the bad bacteria found in the mouth. Cheese can prevent your teeth from being discolored. Your teeth are saved from becoming stained with this protective wall that is provided.

People all over the globe suffer from stains and discoloration. There are some foods found at home that can assist in whitening the teeth, for instance, oranges and strawberries. Try brushing your teeth daily with strawberries and then rubbing the skin from an orange rind against your teeth. You can try products such as tooth gel, but the occasional side effects can outweigh the benefits. It is  easier and not as harmful to just search and use what you see in your home that can help your teeth.

It is a good thing to find that the foods you are eating are good for your teeth and your body. The benefits of consuming raw onions are worth it, even though you might not like eating them. With all of the knowledge we have right now, we can maintain white teeth for the remainder of our lifetimes. The nicest way to have white and clean teeth is by consuming these foods. Since everyone has to eat, why not try foods that are good for your brain, body, and your teeth?